Adaptive Management: Guided by Science

Adaptive Management is central to Washington State’s Forests & Fish Law. So what is Adaptive Management? Simply put, it’s about using the best available science to improve and evolve forest practices. For example, with Adaptive Management, research is used to help determine how much shade is necessary—in the form of streamside buffers—to keep water cool and healthy for salmon.

Adaptive Management:

Letting Science Lead the Way

More than 140 individuals, including scientists, policy makers, and regulators worked together for 18 months to develop the scientifically-based changes to forest practices rules found in the Forests & Fish Law to meet four key goals established by the Forest Practices Board.

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Science in Action

Forest Practices Rules protect public resources while maintaining a viable forestry sector. Adaptive Management assesses the effectiveness of protection measures to meet resource objectives, and make refinements overtime.

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